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The following are parts that I have extra of as a result of repairs or projects. In most cases I was required to buy a larger quantity than I needed (sometimes by quite a lot) in order to find an identical replacement part. The parts can be ordered by PayPal. Email me.

Proud member of Analogue Heaven and Synth-DIY.    My eBay items for sale page.

View the images alone to see a larger version. Many of the items can be reordered/backordered.
I did not take all the photos, but they are always representative of the part.


More great chips and other semi's here: ExcessInventory.htm


Quantity Avail
spst switch JD S-Series Keylock Switch, 3, 5, 7, 9 Position - New with keys I have boxes of these from way back when. I'm not sure if they are actual APEM or knock-offs or what. There are no momentary positions. They all click into place.
Key B001 - 3 positions, Key B002 - 5 positions, Key B003 - 7 positions, Key B004 - 9 positions (goes all the way around).
$3.50 each 100?
spst switch For a Yamaha DX/TX repair: Tactile Momentary Switch, 6mm x 6mm, SPST normally open, through hole mount, 4.3mm x 6.5mm (switch height x pitch), 1,000,000 ops min. $1 each 13
spst switch Similar to above except a Chinese knock-off. Still good quality but a slightly taller plunger. Great for your own projects. They come in small bags of 20. $7.50/bag 4 bags
spst switch MEC 1052612 multimec SPST NO (normally open) tactile switch. Q1-9


pro one octave switch Four position rotary switch as used in the Sequential Circuits Pro One for Octave selection. This is the real deal. $10 2
1/2 AA Lithium Battery Replacement 3.6v Lithium battery for battery backed SRAM memory. Also known as COMP-4-5P and TL5101/P. This is 1/2 AA format as shown. This is not a NiCad. Handle with care. (Made in France by Saft) $5 2
parallel dac Burr-Brown PCM54HP 16-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter. 28 pin 0.600" DIP package. $15 1
ssm-2011 SSM2011 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2011 low noise wide band preamplifier.
$10 0
ssm-2014 SSM2014 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2014 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA/OVCE).
$10 0
ssm-2016 SSM2016 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2016 Ultra low noise differential audio preamplifier (microphone preamp).
$10 0
ssm-2044 SSM2044 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2044 4 Pole Voltage Controlled Filter/Oscillator VCF.
$20 0
ssm-2045 SSM2045 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2045 Music Voicing System
$20 0
ssm-2300 SSM2300 - (Solid State Micro Technology For Music) SSM-2300 8-Channel Multiplexed Sample-and-Hold.
http://www.maxmidi.com/diy/ssm/ssm2300.pdf (other PDFs here too)
$20 2
SID CHIP 6581 SID - The MOS Technology 6581 Sound Interface Device chip. (file photo) $25 0
IR9022 Sharp IR9022 IR-9022 dual op-amp. Commonly used in Roland and similar gear.
See: http://www.ic-on-line.cn/IOL/datasheet/ir9022_215349.pdf
$5 3
40H000 40H000 Quad low power CMOS nand gate. 14 pin DIP. $10 3
TA60 Rohm TA-60 TA60 SIP SIL Transistor Array Chip, NOS
See: http://www.musictechnologiesgroup.com/files/TA54-78s.pdf
$5 5
TA78 Rohm TA-78 TA78 SIP SIL Transistor Array Chip, NOS
See: http://www.musictechnologiesgroup.com/files/TA54-78s.pdf
$5 5
10k dual slider 60mm 10k "A" taper stereo fader (dual slider). Alps ... more info to follow. I used this to repair the volume slider on an Alesis HR-16. It has a metal shaft instead of plastic. $5 0
10k dual slider 60mm 10k "B" taper stereo fader (dual slider). Alps.
$5 0
4 position slide switch C&K, C & K - L Series Miniature Slide Switches.
Part Number L204-09-1-MS-02-Q same as L204091MS02Q
This is a DP4T CK slide switch, PC mount with a 0.25" actuator height.

Very similar to L204011MS02Q and L204121MS02Q. See this page for comparison.

It's possible these might work for a Pro One or Octave Cat, but you have an extra position or two that you'd just cut the legs off of I imagine. I've never tried that, but I have so many of theses, it's a waste to see them sit around.

$1 ea 1000
* Shipping extra


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