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* MTG MIDI Patch Changer Keypad *
Programmable MIDI Controller for program changes and much more!
MIDI Patch Changer


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(BTW These are the actual key colors)

MIDI Patch Changer

The MIDI Patch Changer is the perfect solution when you need to control MIDI presets/patches for one or more devices, but you don't want to use a giant keyboard controller, MIDI footswitch or MIDI pedalboard. The MIDI Patch Changer has all the features you'd expect in a full-featured patch changing controller. More stable, durable and easier to set up and use than a laptop.

  • Programmable, compact and easy to use.
  • Manual mode lets you send Program Change as well as optional Bank Select MSB and LSB.
  • Preset mode sends program-change-per-MIDI-channel as well as Bank Select on all 16 channels simultaneously -- per preset.
  • Send 180 bytes of MIDI data of your choice ...controller data, system exclusive, RPN, NRPN or anything! ... per Preset. (v3.00+)
  • Holds 200 Presets. (v3.00+)
  • Chain mode let you build a song list or Preset list for even faster performance live.
  • Holds 99 chains of up to 18 Presets each. (v3.00+)
  • Speed Dial hot-key combinations all access to your 9 favourite Presets. (v3.00+)
  • 1 x 16 super-twist back-lit LCD.
  • Detachable cabling for 5-pin DIN MIDI and USB-MIDI.
  • "Flash" memory holds patches and config data.
  • Firmware upgradeable so that your MIDI Patch Changer is always up to date.
  • System Exclusive commands allows for setting up the keypad on a PC (or creating your own apps).
  • Free Windows PC software editor is available.
  • When power is interrupted, the unit remembers exactly where you left off.
midi program change sender

 * Manual Mode:

For changing patches on the fly, you can select your MIDI Channel, optional Bank Selects* and Patch Change value(s).

The values can be typed in on the number pad or use the up/down keys to scroll through presets. When the patch number rolls over 0, enabled bank selects are automatically incremented or decremented. Move through hundreds of patches with ease.

The unit allows you to send the MIDI patch changes instantly as-you-type-them or prepare them first and execute them later with one keypress. Great for live studio work.

Bank Selects can be quickly disabled/muted when not needed or desired.

* MIDI Controller values 0 and 32.

MIDI Remote Control keypad

 * Preset Mode:

You can configure 200 Presets each containing:

  • 16x (one for each MIDI channel) bank MSB, bank LSB, patch change.
  • 180 bytes of arbitray MIDI data -- send what you want.
  • Name for Preset on the LCD.
  • Super fast live, but includes programmable delays so even old synths can keep up.

 * Chain Mode:

You can configure 99 performance Chains each containing:

  • Up to 18 Presets (the links in the Chains).
  • Name for the Chain on the LCD.

 * Speed Dials:

You can configure 9 Speed Dials:

  • Hot-key access to your favourite Presets.

Ordering Information


Note: I am assembling these by hand a few at a time. Quantities are limited.

Please order off my eBay page (and see this notice).

Manual and Software pdf

MPC keypad editor screen cap

CURRENT v4.01 manual/software:

Download the current manual and software here. These files is valid for any MPC keypad v3.00 or newer. Please report any documentation errors or bugs via email.


Legacy (old) 2.xx manual/software:

Version 2.79 is equivalent to the original prototype 0.79 but ported to the newer keypad hardware.

System Exclusive Files Sys Ex

CURRENT Firmware:

Legacy (old) v2.xx Firmware:

Preset Example Files:

More to come soon.

  • 100 Presets: General MIDI bulk dump (MIDI ch 1) Download Now ... old format
  • 128 Presets: General MIDI bulk dump (MIDI ch 1) Download Now ... new format

Testimonials and Comments

"I finished defining all the presets for mine and have tested it and it works like a charm!!! THANK YOU!!! All my patch changes take place in less than 1 second. I have a feeling this thing is going to be a very popular device among keyboard players..."
- Ed K (USA)

"I cannot thank you enough for the package that arrived on my doorstep last Thursday. Fantastic! I managed to program it up with the easy to use software editor and used it over the weekend and it worked perfectly. I will recommend this product to every keyboard player I know as it has so simplified my life on stage."
- Stephen S (England)

"The MPC has really simplified my on-stage keyboard set-up tremendously. I run multiple keyboards in various combinations which makes quick patch changes a nightmare especially under poor lighting conditions. With the MPC all I have to do is punch in a preset and regardless of which keyboard(s) I choose to use on a particular night my setup changes instantly ... all ready for the next song I need to perform. This what I have always hoped someone would develop. What more can I say? Just awesome !!"
- Glenn C (Australia)

"I purchased a keypad from you a few weeks ago, and I am so happy.......THRILLED.....with it that I have just placed an order for another. The first one I got I have integrated into a MIDI instrument I have devised that I call the "tibicen". The keypad is such a great little device that I now need a second one that I will leave "as is" so I can use it conventionally with other MIDI instruments."
Peter P (Canada)

"Having the BEFORE- and AFTER- arbitrary data sections WITH adjustable inter-byte delay allows me to do exactly what I hoped I could do. Overall, the MPC is truly a unique high performance solution for keyboardists needing to quickly change presets on multiple keyboards, sound modules and MIDI devices and is unmatched by anything else available o on the market."
- James M (USA)

"The MPC has become an absolute essential part of my live keyboard rig! It is allowing me to have much more complex configurations than would normally be possible due to the time it would take to manually select all of the programs and MIDI patching. Therefore I feel I need to obtain a second MPC to use as a spare in case something in the keypad or MIDI interface should stop working. And I'd like to get one before you decide to stop making them one day!"
- James Y (USA)

"I received my Patch Changer on Saturday morning, and am absolutely delighted with it. The quality of the unit is excellent, as was the packaging. I am using the Patch Changer to send 64 programme changes to a Fantom XR, attached to a New Digital Hammond B3, which only sends out note and expression midi data. I am so pleased with it that I wish to order another one."
- Peter N (UK)

"Hello, I'm the Frenchy who bought a MIDI Patch Changer a few weeks ago. This is a big THANK YOU. I asked our keyboard player to learn a bit about MIDI for his Korg keyboards. After he learned about MSB, LSB etc, it took only minutes before we managed to make the whole thing work. And with the PC Editor, it's just so easy to make the presets! This is a life saver, so again, Thank you so much for making these tools, it's incredible."
- Julien S (France)

"Wix Wickens - Paul McCartney's Keyboard Wizard:"

MIDI Patch Changer keypad video

Some people came here because of these long lost related MIDI controllers:

  • Alesis MPX MIDI Patch Transmitter
  • Forefront FT2 MIDI Program Changer
  • Forefront FT3 Patch Commander Plus
  • Lexicon MRC MIDI Remote Controller
  • Roland RC-3 MIDI Program Changer
  • Yamaha MPC1 MIDI Program Controller
  • Voyce LX4/LX9 Programmable MIDI Controller(s)
Sadly many of these weren't programmable and/or didn't support Bank MSB/LSB.


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